Steel City

The Steel City Division of the SE Region of the NMRA is headquartered in Birmingham, AL, a city with a very rich railroad heritage and vital rail activity every day.  In fact, Birmingham was founded upon the junction of two railroads in 1871.

The Steel City Division is a large division geographically, and extends from MS to GA and from south of Huntsville to north of Montgomery.  We currently have about 120 members with a wide range of interests as well as active clubs covering N, HO, and O scale.

We hold Division meetings each month except December.  Visitors are welcome.

We publish a Newsletter, the Steel City Coupler and will gladly share a copy by email.  This newsletter is distributed by email to participating members as well as visitors and friends of the Division.  There is a link to the Coupler on this page.

For more and current information on the Steel City Division visit our website:

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Steel City Division County Coverage

The attached file shows the coverage of the Steel City Division, which in turn is part of the Southeastern Region of the international organization known as the NMRA.

SCD February Mtg: Thinking Scenically -- Trees

The Steel City Division February Meeting provided a clinic by member and MMR Bob Beaty called "Thinking Scenically -- Trees".  A copy of Bob's handout will serve as a handy reference, and includes some pictures of Bob in action during his presentation.

John Stewart
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