The Piedmont Division is one of, if not THE most active, accomplished and productive NMRA Division in the country!

The Division's features and benefits include:

  • Great Events
    • A hugely successful annual Model Train Show, the best all-trains show in the Southeast.
    • A quality starter layout raffled off every year at the Train Show, complete with DCC control.
    • The equally successful Piedmont Pilgrimage featuring 80+ open-house weekend layout tours from mid-October through November, which attracts more than 6,000 visitors annually and it's free!
    • One or two open house layouts on the Sunday following the Division meeting (except for November when the Pilgrimage is conducted).
  • World Class Publications
    • The Division publication, the Timetable, distributed for free to over 600 model railroaders quarterly and now on-line in full color!
    • A comprehensive and user-friendly web page at www.piedmont-div.org
  • Fun and Informative Meetings & Modeling Railroad Resources
    • A member conducted model railroad clinic featured at each month's meeting.
    • Periodic one-day hands-on "Train In' Camp" clinics.
    • A division level Member Aid program where assistance can be provided to help new and experienced model railroaders with their questions about the hobby.
    • An extensive library where members can check out DVD's, videos, books & documents for free.
  • NMRA Achievement Program and Contests
    • Current membership includes nine Master Model Railroaders.
    • Two NMRA Achievement Program sanctioned model contests annually, in April and October.
  • Community Involvement
  • Exclusive Division Store Items
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Perry Lamb
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