The SER Convention will have over 40 clinics on a variety of topics.  The Clinics Page contains a reference guide of the clinicians and the title of their clinic.  See the downloadable clinic schedule for date and times of the clinics:.

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The Clinicians Page contains a brief biogrophy of the Clinicians presenting during the conference.

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Prototype / Industrial Tours

Several of Chattanooga’s major industries, many that are rail served will be available as part of the Prototype/Industrial Tours. Tours include ADM’s trans-load facility, Buzzi Unicem  (Signal Mt Cement), Komatsu, Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum Steam Excursion, and JIT Steel Services.

The industry tours will be accessed by chartered bus only, individual vehicles will not be allowed on industry property.  The industry tours are not handicapped accessible.

Industrial Tours occur on Friday only.

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Home Layout Tours

Home Layout Tours

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Operating Layouts.

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Sponsors / Acknowledgement Page