Robert Meyer's Phlatt River Branch, Southern Railway

Robert Meyer
Phlatt River Branch, Southern Railway

Phlatt River branch is a fictitious branch line railroad of the Southern Railway set in the piedmont area of the southeastern USA. The time period is late September/early October of 1973. the railroad begins at a connection to the Southern mainline and proceeds west bound. After passing through three small towns, it ends at a paper mill (the largest shipper/receiver) that came on line in 1968. Other on line industries include a coal mine, limestone quarry and other smaller users.

The railroad is designed for operations to simulate a transportation system in a point to point style with the eastern connection to the Southern main line represented by a large staging yard. Overall size is on the order of 25' by 30'. It is under construction with some of the scenery complete but only about 20% of the track installed. I have chosen to focus on the major areas of scenery installation prior to installing track. Many trees will be needed on the layout.

Layout Details

  • Owner: Robert Meyer
  • Location: 3019 Towne Mill Ave, Canton, GA 30114
  • Hours: Thursday June 18, 1 to 4 pm
  • Info: Restrooms available. Not handicap accessible.
  • Photo Credit: Robert Meyer
Jim Dorsett's Cumberland & Appalachian Railroad

Jim Dorsett
Cumberland & Appalachian Railroad

This is an O Scale on three rail track layout of the N&W, Southern, and L&N Railroads in the Coal Mining districts of SW Virginia, NE Tennessee, SW Kentucky, and Southern West Virginia. The town of Bristol, TN. / Va. and the fictional town of Mt. Clemens are depicted.

Many structures are scratch built, including the Brompton Coal Company Tipple, others are from kits or are kit bashed. The Scenery is Hydrocal Hard shell, with most of the trees handmade with a panoramic backdrop of typical terrain of the area in the fall. Realism is the goal so everything is prototypical, weathered, and spread out as much as possible.

Layout Details

  • Owner: Jim Dorsett
  • Location: 2464 Harmony Grove Church Rd, Dallas, GA 30312
  • Hours: Thursday June 18, 10 to 3 PM
    Sunday June 21, 10 to 3 pm
  • Photo Credit: Peter Youngblood
Allen Keller's Bluff City Southern

Allen Keller
Bluff City Southern

The Bluff City Southern serves the Memphis area in the summer of 1950. The BCS is a system that is owned by the five railroads that service Memphis. The five are the Louisville & Nashville, the Missouri Pacific, the Southern, the Illinois Central and the Saint Louis San Francisco. These railroads serve Tennessee, Mississippi and Arkansas and then interchange in Memphis.

Not all railroads run over all the track. The BCS owns the track in Memphis and the other lines radiate out in three directions. The IC, SLSF and Southern operate in Mississippi on track owned by the IC. The IC, Southern and the L&N operate in Tennessee on track owned by the Southern. SLSF and MoPac operate in Arkansas on track owned by SLSF. Switching in Memphis at Bluff City Yard and Union Station is provided by the Southern. This is also the case at Frogmoor yard in Jackson.

Layout Details

  • Owner: Allen Keller
  • Contact:
  • Location: 7410 Lebanon Church Drive, Talbott, TN 37877.   (Approximately 30 east of Knoxville)
  • Hours: Sunday June 21, 2 to 5 PM
  • Photo Credit: Allen Keller

Only railroads that own the track are permitted to switch the industries in their areas. Thus IC switches Mississippi, SLSF switches Arkansas, and Southern switches Tennessee. The other roads are always run throughs except for the L&N interchange at Somerville, Tenn. The L&N does not switch Somerville except for the once a day Grain Train.

There are 4 staging yards representing Greenville, Miss. Forrest City, Ark. Nashville, Tenn and Chattanooga, Tenn. There are two classification yards: Bluff City at Memphis and Frogmoor at Jackson. Both have non-indexed turntables. The Bridge Junction Interlocking provides a wye between Tenn and Arkansas on the banks of the Mississippi River. Passing tracks are located at Alligator and Friars Point, Miss. West Memphis, Ark and Somerville, Tenn.

The railroad operates using a sequence sheet in the dispatcher’s office. We run 3 tricks using a 3:1 fast clock. Operating positions are 2 yardmen at Bluff City, 1 yard man at Jackson, a Union Station operator, a dispatcher and 4 or 5 mainline engineers who handle freight and passenger trains. Approximately 7 passenger trains operate in each shift. There are 5 or 6 through freights, and 3 locals in each direction on most shifts.

Turnouts are controlled by a spring-loaded lever located between the switch points. Throw the points with your bamboo pick. There are switch motors in Bluff City Yard, Union Station, Forrest City staging, and Nashville staging. Uncoupling is accomplished with bamboo picks. There are 2 uncoupling ramps in Bluff City Yard, 6 in Union Station and one in Jackson Frogmoor Yard. Car routing is done using 4 cycle waybills.

Control of trains is provided by Wangrow/NCE Digital Command Control. Most of the locomotives are equipped with sound. There are plug in phone panels in every town. Turnouts are power routing and will cause a short if throw against your train. Please check your turnout setting before moving.

Steve Austin's EI&T Co.

Steve Austin
Elkhorn Iron & Timber Co.

Layout Details

  • Owner: Steve Austin
  • Location: 473 Arbor Hills Road N, Talking Rock, GA 30175
  • Hours: Thursday June 18 and Sunday June 21
    Hours TBA
  • Photo Credit: Ted Austin
Ted Yarbrough's Denver & Rio Grande Western

Ted Yarbrough
Denver & Rio Grande Western

Layout Details

  • Owner: Ted Yarbrough
  • Location: 212 Love Drive, Chatsworth, GA 30705
  • Hours: TBA
  • Photo Credit: Ted Yarbrough