The Clinicians Page contains a brief biography of the Clinicians presenting during the conference.

David Booker

David Booker has been employed in the railroad industry his entire working career. After working his way through college loading and unloading railcars at a paper mill he went to work for Itel Rail, a boxcar leasing company during the per diem days. From there he was one of the founders of Railcar Management, (RMI) a provider of software to short line and regional railroads. For several years David was also the Vice President of Administration for Indiana Hi-Rail, a short line holding company based in Indiana. Upon returning to RMI, David managed the customer service and installation teams for their transportation software division. David retired when RMI was sold to General Electric and started Rail Advisors, a consulting company catering to providing software support for short line operations.

Clinic Description:

Operating Your Model Railroad Like a Modern Short Line:

David Booker has spent his career providing short line railroads with the expertise needed to incorporate modern software into the day to day operations needed to manage rail operations. As retirement approached 5 years ago David began construction of the Coosa Valley Central, an HO scale model railroad inspired by the many prototype operations he visited during his career. The CV is based in the present day in the North Georgia mountains and runs from an interchange staging yard to a large paper mill at the end of the line. In his presentation David will review how modern short lines operate and the challenges they face. He will then incorporate those challenges into how he has used his model railroad to train those new to the industry on how a modern short line operates.

Jim Gore MMR

Jim Gore is a retired professor of biology and Dean Emeritus from the University of Tampa. Within the NMRA, Jim serves as the AP Director for the Sunshine Region, on the Board of Directors of the National NMRA, as At-Large North America Director, and, most recently, as the manager of the Modeling With The Masters® program. Having grown up in New Mexico, he models an imaginary branchline of the Santa Fe division of the narrow gauge D&RGW (also known as the Chili Line) in On30. It assumes that the line was not abandoned in 1942 but served the Manhattan Project in Los Alamos into the 1950’s.

Jim is known for his cardstock structures and clinics on the topic. He also builds adobe structures from balsa and balsa-foam. Articles about and pictures of the J&RG have appeared in O Gauge Railroading, Narrow Gauge & Short Line Gazette, Model Railroader, O Scale Trains, Sn3 Modeler, Narrow Gauge Down Under, the NMRA Magazine, All Scale Rails, Model Railroad Hobbyist and O Scale Resource..

Clinic Description:

Building Grandpa’s Gas Station:

This clinic describes the historical research (including the vague memories of a 7-year old boy) needed to construct a cardstock model of my grandfather’s Mobil gas station in Emporium, Pennsylvania. It also focuses upon construction techniques in cardstock, wood, metal, and plastic pieces to make the scene depict the station I recalled as a young boy. Finally, there will be a description of the 1957 disaster that caused the demolition of the gas station and replacement with the typical Art-Deco Mobil station of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Peter Youngblood MMR

A past NMRA National BoD At Large North American Director (ALNAD), Southeastern Region Education Program Mgr., SER Director, Superintendent and current Superintendent Emeritus of the Piedmont Division, Peter’s earned all 11 MMR certificates. In his 6th year as a Modeling With The Masters instructor at annual NMRA Conventions. His continued dedication to the NMRA and numerous contributions helping to increase member benefits have been acknowledged with 2 NMRA Nat’l President’s Awards and the SER’s prestigious Vern Yarbrough Award.

A devout southwesterner, Peter models the Santa Fe Railway in HO scale as it was in the 1960’s in parts of CO, NM, and AZ. His layout and articles have appeared MR, RMC, Scale Rails, NMRA Magazine and Classic Toy Trains. A narrator for Green Frog Productions’ DVD videos, he’s also authored two published model railroad books, Modeling Cajon Pass and Realistic Railroading with Toy Trains, both now out of print. Peter says he’s glad to be here before “he’s out of print!” A retired military, airline pilot, and hobby shop owner, he’s lived in different parts of America and abroad residing now in Kennesaw, GA, a suburb of Atlanta.

Clinic Description:

Balsa Foam - What is it and its many uses:

Balsa Foam is a plastic foam that carves like butter, paints like wood and has countless model railroad applications in all scales. Using this versatile material, Peter will show and bring samples of how you can build a single track concrete pedestrian underpass, how to make bridge abutments, retaining walls, signal pedestals, battery vaults, loading platforms and more, all quickly and easily without special tools.