2022 BOD Election Update: Online Voting Opens and Candidate Statements

Online voting in the SER 2022 Board of Directors Election opens September 6, 2022.  If you are a voting member and have an email address on file with the NMRA, you will receive a ballot through email. 


Candidate Statements

Vice President
Bill Raymond, MMR  
I am running for election to the office of SER Vice President which I have been serving in since May 2021 as a result of my predecessor’s resignation. I have been a member of the NMRA since 1973 and a member of the SER since 1991 and have served in a number of positions over the years. I am currently a member of the Carolina Mountain Division (2016 to present) and I have served as the Assistant Division Superintendent and the Division Superintendent, the President of the French Broad N’Pire Railroad Club, the Layout Tour Coordinator for the 2018 SER Convention and as the SER Contest Chairman for the 2021 SER Convention. While a member of the Piedmont Division (1991 to 2016), I have served as the President of the Northwest Georgia N Scale Club, the N Scale Coordinator for the 1995 Atlanta NMRA National Convention, the OPSIG Coordinator for the 2013 Atlanta NMRA National Convention and as an at Large Director of the Piedmont Division. I have also served 6 years on the Operations Special Interest Group Board of Director’s; three as an at Large Director and three as the President. Also while a member of the Piedmont Division, I started on the Achievement Program in 2012 with the goal of earning my Master Model Railroader certificate, which I achieved in February 2020 as MMR #652.
Since assuming the role of SER VP, I have been working closely with President Roy Masterson and the rest of the board to look at and implement actions that will make the SER more responsive to the needs of its Divisions and members. One of these initiatives is my role as Chairman of the SER Website Committee which has been formed to identify ways to renovate and improve the website. We are in the early stages of this effort but it is important and one I would like to be able to continue and see to completion.
From a personal standpoint, I have been married to my wife Elaine for 48+ years; we have two children and three grandchildren. I retired from Lockheed Martin in February 2010 after a 31 year career as a Subcontracts Program Manager.
If elected I pledge to do everything within my power and abilities to implement ways to better serve the SER membership and its divisions, improve communications, streamline services and grow the SER. Thank you for your consideration.
Walt Liles
I am asking that members please consider voting for me in the upcoming SER Elections. I am currently filling the remaining term that Mike Cummings had after moving up to the NMRA Board. Really just learning the ropes and would like to continue serving in this capacity as Secretary.
If you are not familiar with me, I am a HO modeler that loves the CLINCHFIELD and SCL Railroads of the 1970s and 80s. I live in Marietta, GA and I am member of the Piedmont Division. I love model railroading and I am a highly active modeler. 
I am also a member of the North Atlanta Rail Barons operating group, and I am VP with Tri State Model Railroaders in Mineral Bluff, GA. 
I am also the chairperson for the upcoming SER -2023 Convention in Cartersville along with a fine team of volunteers that will be organizing and hosting the convention. I am originally from the Savannah, GA and lived in Mobile, AL and Atlanta throughout my career. I love the southeast US and enjoying traveling around as much as I can to see a train or two. Maybe a few more.
So, when you receive your chance to vote please vote for me. I look forward continuing serving the SER membership.
Thank You,
Walt Liles
Ken Mattern
I have been a member of the NMRA for nearly fifteen years and have been an active member of the Mid-South Division of the SER since it was re-activated. I’m the division webmaster and am on the Mid-South BOD. I worked as a software developer for the Department of Defense until my retirement in 2017. I’ve been active in the SER and NMRA and have attended five national conventions as well as numerous SER meetings. Presently I am on the SER web redesign committee.  Before moving south I was a minister in the church and owned and operated an electronics manufacturing business. I am currently serving my first elected term on the SER BOD and wish to serve another term as an elected official, among other reasons to complete the web redesign. I believe that my past experience will serve the SER and model railroading community well.
Steve Prevette
I've been a scale model railroader since 1970 in Burnt Hills NY, and learned to operate from a Jr High School Teacher who allowed several of us students to descend upon his layout.  Due to this experience, I firmly believe we should support younger model railroaders participation in the hobby.  I did join the Pacific Coast Region during a Navy tour of duty in Monterey CA in 1987 at the urging of several former Gorre and Daphetid crew.  I was an SER member living in Charleston SC in the late 80's, and then moved to the Pacific Northwest Region after leaving the Navy.  I served as the Office Manager (similar to my current Registrar Position) and in the last two years there was VP of the Pacific Northwest Region.  My model railroad (Burnt Hills and Big Flats bhbf.weebly.com), wife Jennie and I moved from Washington state to South Carolina in 2009.  Upon arrival, I was quickly fingered to the Registrar for the SER.  I do intend to continue Registrar duties if elected to the Board.  I served for six years as the Superintendent of the Central Savannah River Division, the smallest division in the region.  One goal I will have as a board member is to support the smaller divisions, and encourage the Region to improve the viability of the smaller divisions. I will push for doing something about the division boundaries that are impractical and too small to provide members the service they deserve. For all of SER, we have the challenge of coming out of COVID precautions and forming the "new normal" for the Region and the NMRA.  I have recently retired from my "day job" and am focusing on model railroading and teaching college courses part time remotely for Southern Illinois University.  I look forward to serving the SER members, the NMRA, and the hobby.
Ut Prosim (that I may serve, Virginia Tech slogan).
Steve Prevette
SER Registrar