2020 SER Annual Meeting Minutes


2020 SER Annual Meeting Minutes
September 3, 2020
Don Marcos Restaurant, Dandridge, TN


The meeting was called to order by SER President Larry Burkholder at 8:10 pm.  Sixteen people were in attendance with thirteen being NMRA members.

An overview of the current SER membership status was given as a welcome opening.

The region financials were discussed.  As of August 31st the region had $54,984 in the bank.  The membership was reminded that it was not the goal of the SER to hoard money and that division support was high on the region’s list.

The region has a new Facebook page: www.facebook.com/ser.nmra

There was no old business from last year’s annual membership meeting.

Under new business the results of the 2020 regional elections and awards were presented.  As of this meeting the following elected officials will assume their positions on the Board:

Vice President:          Mike Barry

Secretary:                 Mike Cummings

Director:                   Ken Mattern

Director:                   Randall Watson


SER awards for 2020 were reviewed:

Dave Muller Award:           Roy Masterson

Vern Yarbrough Award:      Fred Coleman

President’sAward:             Walt Liles

Chairman’s Award:            Scott Povlot


The membership was reminded to check the SER web page for upcoming details on the 2021 convention in Greenville, SC.

With no further business a motion to adjourn was made by Allen Keller and seconded by Ken Johnson.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:30 pm

Submitted by Ken Johnson
Smoky Mountain Division Secretary

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